Fusebox 249: “Smarmalade”

Fusebox 249: “SMARMALADE”

32:25 -What Side Is Your Bread Buttered On? Slathered In Buttery Goodness, A Stinkfoot Orchestra Triumphant Return, A Guilty Pleasure or 9, Fusebox Liner, Grindhouse Resurrection Magazine  Spot 7, Fusebox Liner ID:”Riding The Rails”, WTF, Florida?: More Wine!, A Grindhouse Minute: “Beast of Blood” (1970), Fusebox Liner ID,  The Fusebox Interview: Ray White and Nick Chargin Part 2, Show Close.

Savory thanks to our contributors for this edition of the show; Nick Chargin, Ray White, and the folks with The Stinkfoot Orchestra for carrying the torch. Thanks as well to Sabra May and Gregory Wilson for splendid vocal embellishments.

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Released May 15, 2024

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