Fusebox 228: A.I. A.I. Oh No!

Fusebox 228: “A.I A.I Oh No!”

31:20 – Am I Real Or Am I Memorex?  Legacy Wet-Ware, Good To Be Here, Make It Look Like An Accident? A Bunch Of Things Are Heating Up, Fusebox Liner ID, AI Sandbox Time, Google Crime Accusation, Fusebox Twiddles In There Too, Eleven Labs.io, A Looming Threat? A Lenny Bruce Experiment, More Trouble Coming’ Every Day, Economic Impacts, Silver Lining? Steam Punk AI, “Deconstructing Dad” Documentary, Adobe Gets Involved, The AI Actor, “The Congress” (2013), The AI Proposal, Twisted Epiphanies: “Curse of Dork-A-Thon” Written And Narrated by Joe Medina, Show Close.

Non-virtual thanks to our contributors on this edition of the show; Kenzie Main for stellar ID pronouncements. Joe Medina for a wonderfully poignant spoken word piece.  

Yes, and but also, check out the Raymond Scott documentary right here. And “The Congress” is in session here.

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Released July 26th, 2023 

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  1. A quick FYI for fellow listeners and cyber-refugees: My Ollin Productions website is under heavy re-construction. We’ve tweaked it so that it redirects you to the Afterhell horror series, Ollin Productions’s first major outing into the audio sphere. Thanks again to the intrepid Fusebox crew! Stay safe, everyone.

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