New News


Reza Baluchi’s homemade watercraft attempts to cross the Atlantic Ocean…Again! Check out Fusebox 233: “Cold Comfort” for more. It’s in our WTF! Florida segment.


Two spoken word pieces were selected to be featured at the “RADIOPHRENIA” festival in Glasgow, Scotland. “Message In A Bottle” by Laurence Overmire (see Fusebox 5: “Twisted Epiphanies Part 1”) and “Estate Sale” by Jodi Lorimer (see Fusebox 208: “Grim Wits”). Both of these have been featured as “Twisted Epiphanies” on the show.

RADIOPHRENIA is a temporary art radio station broadcasting intermittently from the Centre for Contemporary Arts in Glasgow. It’s heard worldwide and begins August 21st through September 3rd, 2023.


Had a blast chatting with 42nd Street Pete on two episodes of Fusebox. Numbers 225:”On A Hard Roll” and 226: “Art House of Pancakes”. Check them out!


Parrots are Zooming! Check out the video from Rébecca Weinberg, Jen Cunha, Megha Vemuri, and Ilyena Hirskyi-Douglas. Find all the info on Fusebox 222: “Parrot Talk”.

Mushroom Based Computing Is Coming

Check out Fusebox 219: “The How To Of The What For” for more details. Yes, and but also check out this place too.

Fusebox Goes Terrestrial!

Beginning Sunday, May 2nd, 2021 Fusebox begins airing on KMWV 98.3 in Salem, Oregon.

We’re just tickled purple to be included in the new stations roster.

Brand new content has also been added to preexisting shows to make them a new experience for everyone!

Thanks to Lisa Walz and the folks at Capital Community Radio for the opportunity to spread the Ear Food around the Salem airwaves!

“Name That Drank!”

Got too much time on your hands? 

Got no life? 

Got you a noggin full of clever and nothing to slather it on?

Then slather us in your dang cleverocityismness by helping us come up with a great name for shitty drink ’cause something this gawd-awful should have some kinda handle so when ya try and order one in a bar you’ll know exactly why you’re pickin’ up your bloody “chicklets” after the bartender cracks you in the pie-hole for thinkin’ you’re a dick.

Name That Drank! 

Win you a badass Fusebox Church Flask!