Fusebox 217: “Color Bars”

Fusebox 217 “Color Bars”

29:44 – Transparent As A Brick Wall,  Some New Stuff, Some Old Stuff,  Time Does Fly But Only in Coach, “The Promise (I Would)”, A Book By It’s Cover, Fusebox Liner ID, Don’t Be That Chick: “You Decide”, Maganoids Have Been All Aflutter, The Opposite of Woke is Asleep, The Segment Within A Segment Segment, Lying Liars, That Lie: The African American Studies College Board Speaks,  The Dens Of Inequities Known As The Elementary School!  Fear Is The Answer To The Question Nobody Asked,  Another “Tail-Gunner Joe” In The Making?  “Fiber”, “The One Idea That Saves The World”, Show Close. 

Technicolor thanks to our contributors to this edition of the show; Rob Askew, Erica Maity, Nancy McDonaldLaurence Overmire, Jeff Pollard, Sarah Robertson, Mike Vaughn and Derek Welch.

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Released February 22nd, 2023 

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