Fusebox 223: “U.F. Uh Oh!”

Fusebox 223: “U.F.Uh Oh!”

25:04 – PRE ROLL: Iko And Milo Set The Controls, You May Already Have Been Probed, Fusebox Liner Id,  Acronym Crackers In My Soup, A Slight Disturbance In The Force, Once More From The Top, Houston, We Have A Problem, Twice More From The Top Again, The DoD Pulls An AARO From Its Quiver, A Drone By Any Other Name, A Do Over?, Show Close. POST ROLL: Inter-Dimensional Apologies.

A Saucer full of thanks to our contributor on this edition of the show; Jodi Lorimer for excellence in ID pronouncifications.

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Fusebox is produced by Marc Rose, Milt Kanes, Jeff Pollard, and Regina Carol

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Fusebox cover art by POLLARDdesign.

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Released May 17th , 2023 

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