Fusebox 212: “Merry Grimace”

Fusebox 212: “Merry Grimace”

29:12 – Walked Straight Into A Clip Show, Iko & Milo: “Dear Santa”, Excerpts from #191: “Is It In?”: How’ s It Sound Out There? Insecurity Issues, Break On Through, Fusebox Liner ID, Excerpt From 188: “Signal To Noise”: “NFT’s”, Excerpts From 189 “Jerk In The Box”: “Magawa The Hero Rat”, Welcome To The Glitter Bomb, Excerpts From 191: “Face The Spatula” Regina Faces The Spatula, WTF Florida: Animal Husbandry, Show Close.

Grimace-free thanks to our contributors to this special holiday clip-show edition of the show; Carol Adams, Enrique Andrada, John Barber, Todd Britt, Levi Buchanan, Timothy Greenwood, Richard Holeton, Heath Houghton, Devin Gatzby James, Nico Lane, Erin Lehn, Jodi Lorimer, Kenzie Main, Sabra May, Bruce Miles, Sam A.Mowry Eric Newsome, Frank Edward Nora, Dre O’Brien, Bob Sterry, Mago Weston, and Gregory Wilson.

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Released December 11th, 2022.  

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