Fusebox 206: “Have A Nice Trip”

Fusebox 206 “Have A Nice Trip”

27:44 –  Getting Some Air, Symbolic Sound’s Pacamara Ristretto Arrives, Fusebox Liner ID, “Tragic Journals” #1,  Frank’s Inspiration Turns “Tragic”, Ravil’s Unfortunate Footing, Shadowy Stuff Done By Shadowy Folks, Roadway Spills Of Note, 5 Brothers Alfredo Sauce Soiree, A Tomato Puree Pour, This Can’s For You, A Meat Waste Massacre, Goats For Normal, Honey Pot Pile Up, Simian Shenanigans, “Tragic Journals #2, Show Close.

A Safe zone of  thanks to our contributor to this edition of the show, Bruce Miles  for exceptional ID pronouncements. Tip of the fedora to Frank Edward Nora for the “inspiration” for the “Tragic Journals”, 

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Released September 21st, 2022.  

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