Fusebox 196: “Conspiranoimia”

Fusebox 196: “Conspiranoimia”

28:59 – PRE ROLL:  MTG – What I Meant Was,  “Paranoimia”  And “Conspiranoia” , Playing Footsie With Perjury, Show Break Liner ID, Those Care-Free Days Of The 4th Century, The FDOE’s “Not Selected” Books, Vinnie At 2AM? Chaz Stevens Has a Plan For Protecting The Precious Bodily Fluids Of Our Youth, Show Close.

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Fully cognizant  thanks to our contributors on this edition of Fusebox; Jodi Lorimer for spectacular iD-if-ication and Eric Newsome for epic “Vinnie-ness”. Help From The Mental Health Hammer, The Mouse Roars Back, Enter The Election Police, Show Close.

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