Fusebox 238: “The Ties That Bind”

Fusebox 238: “The Ties That Bind”

26:00 – Show Intro, Hurts So Good, Whatever Bakes Your Beans, The Super Amazing Sale Of The Multi-verse, Liner Break, Grindhouse Resurrection Magazine Spot 5, Fusebox Liner ID, Political Slap And Tickle, WTF! Florida: 1)Number 1 With A Bullet, 2)Get Off My Lawn! 3)Fear Of A Dark Closet, Show Close.

Fully consensual thanks to our contributors on this edition of the show; Sam A.Mowry for wondrous ID pronouncements and Gregory Wilson for revealing the real kinks of politics.

Hugely big thanks to Grindhouse Resurrection Magazine for sponsoring the shenanigan’s going on around here.  Check them out on their Facebook Page Too! 

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Released December 13th, 2023 

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