Fusebox 207: “Triumph of the Ill”

Fusebox 207 “Triumph of the Ill”

28:56 –  A Little More Help From The Mental Health Hammer, What’s In The Name, Make Adolph Great Again? See The Film, Condolences To Florida, Department Of Vague Histories Bureau: Ron “The Sand Slug” His Past Generosities, Have A Nice Flight(Of Stairs), Fusebox Liner ID, The 800 Thousand Page Documents Acquisition  For The J6 Committee, The Phantom Break Room Discussion, The Joys Of Randomness, The Mandelbrot Set Video, A Disclaimer, Gaspar Noe’s Lux Aeterna, Inquiring Minds Want To Know, Show Close.

Triumphant thanks to our contributor to this edition of the show, Jodi Lorimer for splendid ID pronouncements.

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