Fusebox 205: “Pleading The Filth”

Fusebox 205 “Pleading the Filth”

27:24 – Self-Steaming Steve, Special Conspiracy Treats For Milt? Another Trip To The Repository Of The Dim-Witted, Governor “The Sand Slug’s” All Sizzle No Steak MO, Grace Christian School’s Biological Gender Issue, It’s In The Water, Fusebox Liner ID, Conspiracies Collection; It’s Already All Over, Last Thursday-ism, Denver Airport Concentration Camp And Illuminati Headquarters, Roman Empire Was A No Show, Aussies are South American? The Tsunami Wobble Repair Aliens, All The Trees Are Rocks, Are We Really Flat Paint People Living On A Sheet Of Paper? Show Close.

Legally fit to stand trial thanks to our contributor to this edition of the show, Mago Weston for splendid ID pronouncements.

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Released August 24th, 2022.

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