Fusebox 214: “This Side Up”

Fusebox 214: “This Side Up”

26:45 – Looking A Bit Lopsided, It’s Gonna Be Another Fascinating Year, Next Show Is Remote From Suicide Sally’s, Thanks For The Reviews Folks! Thanks As Well To The Stations That Carry Us, Fusebox Liner ID, WTF IPA Spot, Welcome To Our Two Newest Patreon Members, Greg and Elena, The Hotwire Of Science: Brain Organoids Can See You, AI Assisted Film Work, The Shiny Object Syndrome, The Facebook Algorithm Quirk – Or Not? Eyes In The Skies Are Everywhere – By Choice, The Internet of “Things”, Bandwidth Clog? Show Close.

A well balanced and yet overflowing carton of thanks to our contributors to this edition of the show;  Leslie Jane for ID-pronouncements – and Jeff Pollard for sublime WTF IPA announcermentation

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Released January 11th, 2023 

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