Fusebox 200: “Circle Jerks”

Fusebox 200: “Circle Jerks”

43:20 – You Never Saw It Coming, Those Who Made This Day Necessary, A Roundtable Discussion At A Square Table, Regina’s Firsts, A Likable Aardvark, Tid’s Testimonial, Fusebox Liner ID, Sally Checks In, Social Media Maven’s Prompt, Jeff’s Take On Empty Calories, Harper Valley Testimonial, Milt’s Look Back, Sally Offers Milt Advice, You Can Just Feel The Love, Timmy’s Testimonial, How can You Drink That? I Had To Create A List, The Show Name,  HUGE Gratitude, It’s The Show For Everybody, Milt Gets Misty, It’s The Same Show. Did I mention It’s Our 200th Show? Show Close And Thanks.  

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We’re not jerking around as we sincerely thank, Todd Britt, Regina Carol, Erin Lehn, Drea O’Brien, and Jeff Pollard

Yes, and but also, big thanks to Mike Spicer and his fabulously musical colleagues; Loggers Daughter and Bingo Therapy for their generous contributions.

A thousand genuflections to Sally and her marvelous staff at Suicide Sally’s Bar and Grill, Portland, Oregon. 

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Released June 29, 2022.  

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