Fusebox 191: “Facing The Spatula”

Fusebox 191: “Facing The Spatula”

27:10 – Fried To A Crackly Crunch, Reinventing The Wheel Of Misfortune, Introducing, Regina Carol, Regina Gets To “Face The Spatula”, Fusebox ID Liner, WTF Florida! 1.) Gator Gal, 2.) Cat Fish Creep, 3.) Clean Up On Aisle 5, Broadcast Updates, Show Close.

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Thwack-free thanks to our contributors; Eric Newsome and Jeff Pollard.  A hearty, Welcome Aboard! to the newest member of the Fusebox family, Regina Carol.

Fusebox is produced by Marc Rose, Milt Kanes, Jeff Pollard, and Regina Carol

Music and Post Production by Marc Rose, and Fuse.

Fusebox cover art by POLLARDdesign.

Attribution by Marc Rose. 

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Released February 23, 2022.

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